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THE SEVENHATE - The Cooper Test (LP 10 titres)

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Description :

LP "The Cooper Test" 10 titres - 05/2006

1st LP of the band

Hardcore/Métal Rock

1-13 thirties
4-Fleetwood mac
5-This is just and introduction song.
6-....Song(....and never was conceived is an anthem or something else).
7-Preparing the Vendetta
8-Serial Killer
9-The first Hypocrite
10-Lonely hearts live in the most popular bodies

Plus d'infos sur:

Label: Swell creek records from Germany, Tell me a riddle (Underhill) from Spain

We have a lot of reviews of this album but in German and Spanish.
With this album we did a couple of tours in Germany.

The Seventhate was formed in between August and October, 2003. At that time Oscar, Joan and Xavi found themselves without a band, so they decided to join their skills and knowledge to create a music style different to what was being made those days, nevertheless they didn’t hide their influences, mixing different styles, from the most aggressive hardcore until the most up to date metal music mixing it all with pop melodies, rocking riffs and even jazz. With that musical philosophy they managed to record their first demo CD, which included 3 songs. The success of that recording encouraged the band to prepare what it was supposed to be their first album. To make it possible Jaume joined the band as a bass player and all of them started to work in what finally would be the 10 tracks of the debut album. They contract the services of the prestigious producer Santi García to take the best of him, with the result of their first album, entitled “The Cooper Test”. Immediately Swell Creek Records, a label based on Germany (home of bands like JR Ewing, Sunnshine, Kju, Maintain…) proposed the band to become a member of their family, introducing the band into the European market but not Spain, where they are distributed by Underhill Records’ sub-label Tell Me A Riddle. The good expectations forced the band to join a 5th member in the band to reach a best sound live. Javi joined the band as a bass player. With their first album ready, they started to tour all over Spain spreading their music and name, reaching great success wherever they went, fact that made them repeat location in most of the places they’ve playing at. In between the end of 2006 and the beggining of 2007, The Seventhate met again Santi García to record their second album, a much more mature work wich has a heavier sound, but keeping the aggressiveness that the sound of the band is characterized by. The band decided to release the new album through Red Chalk, sub-label of Arindelle Recs. and Devil Child recs. in CD format and Black Bird and KTC Productions in LP. That change allowed the band to be distributed by the hand of “El Diablo”, a well known Spanish distribution company. On the other hand The Seventhate didn’t forget their international side, having toured twice in Europe. At the beginning of 2008, René became a new member of the band as a bass player. The Seventhate is a band formed by experienced members (past and present) in bands like GetReal, Nunnery Nutty, Cinder, Nicefoe, KGC and FROM.

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